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UKV INTERNATIONAL are the expert brokers for fine wine investments. As fine wine merchants we specialise in the acquisition and sale of the world’s most illustrious exciting and pleasurable investment grade luxury wine and vintage champagne.
Whilst we appreciate many clients buy wine purely for the pleasure of drinking, others look to develop private wine cellars or lucrative vintage wine collections for future valuation and investment purposes.

Fine Wine Investment

View a random selection of First Growth Bordeaux from various vintage years and how they have compared to other investments.

Wine Taxation Benefits

Fine wine is regarded as one of the last remaining tax free areas where private individuals are not taxed on gains.

Wine Brokerage Service

UKV operate a fine wine Valuation and Brokerage Service should you wish to sell your wine. Our wine brokers can give you the optimum choice when selling, with a free no obligation valuation of your wine.

Fine Wine Valuations

UKV offer a free no obligation wine valuation service.  Our vintage wine valuations are based on current global market demand values, popularity and current availability locally and internationally.

More than a Wine Merchant

UKV INTERNATIONAL can help select and acquire some of the best investment fine wines and champagne through our very extensive independent network of wine industry contacts.

We offer much more than a typical wine merchant as we focus on delivering an exceptional level of personal service to clients investing in wine.

We’re here to help potential and experienced investors who look to acquire the most prestigious vintage fine wine labels from the leading vineyards of France, Italy and Spain.

How Much is the Minimum Investment?

Minimum wine investments are from just £5,000.

Why Invest in Wine?

We’re witnessing unprecedented demand, driven mainly from emerging markets becoming involved in drinking and investment. Diversify by investing in wine allows you to moderateModerate your risk and their are also the tax FREE benefits of being exempt Capital Gains Tax.

Do you offer wine valuations?

UKV offer a free, no obligation, wine valuation service.

Book a Free Consultation

Get in touch and request a call back to discuss how we can help you get the most out of investing in wine.

Wine Investment News & Analysis

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There are many, often confusing ways to invest in complex financial assets in today’s markets, but there are only four fundamental ways to invest successfully in wine.

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