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UKV International AG operates a small team of dedicated rare whisky and fine wine consultants who can guide you on your journey into the world of wine and whisky. Using our wealth of knowledge surrounding this exciting and rewarding market, we will help you select the most appropriate rare whisky, wine, or champagne for any purpose.

About UKV International AG
Independent & Well-Connected

Independent & Well-Connected

UKV International AG operates as an independent company and is therefore not tied or limited to a single supply chain. We work in conjunction with a large network of brokers, merchants, and traders, whom we can source and draw stock from. This allows us to help you get your hands on unusual or highly-sought after wine, whisky, or champagne.

Our primary business is based on the acquisition, supply, and sale of Scotch Whisky, bonded fine wine, and champagne through our trading floor – on behalf of both private individuals and trade customers. However, we also offer a brokerage service for those that wish to sell whisky or wine held in a UK-regulated bond.

A Personalised Approach

We supply for consumption and collection depending on our clients’ requirements. In particular, we are experts at advising new and experienced collectors who want to safeguard their capital while experiencing high-level, tax-free returns.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements, one of our consultants can contact you personally to give you a better idea of how we can assist and what options are available. Equally, should you prefer a private face-to-face meeting, we can arrange for you to come to our offices or we may even be able to come to a location of your choice – some of our clients prefer a more informal meeting at their homes.

A Personalised Approach
“Alex James, Senior Consultant of UKV International AG announced that, in line with the company’s dedication to clientele and the whisky industry, UKV is collaborating with Elite Wine and Whisky and its storage division, Elite Whisky Storage, to establish a bonded facility in Edinburgh within the coming year.”

“With such an eye-catching track record, Scotch whisky is becoming a serious consideration for investors. UKV International, a Swiss based Fine Wine and Whisky company, agree values have seen a dramatic increase, but suggest more conservative uplifts of 10-20% pa to collectors.”

Investors Chronicle

“Whereas whisky was once a niche investment, it is now holding its own as a serious contender in the alternative investment space. Its appeal lies in the fact it is a tangible soft commodity which has demonstrated both stability and strong long-term performance. Its global nature means that, as an asset class, whisky, particularly single malt scotch, can weather turbulence in mainstream markets.”


“Whisky is not only highly prized for its depth of flavour, it is a bona fide collector’s item – and a premium asset capable of providing the sort of return for your money that banks and building societies cannot offer… Buying into a cask of fine whisky can provide impressive annual returns, on average 12 per cent. Holding on to investments in excess of five years often increases profitability”

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