Learn how to Profit from Fine Wine

A fine wine portfolio could be the best hedge against a ‘No Deal’ scenario or a stagnating economy.

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Learn how to Profit from Fine Wine

Brexit Uncertainty

It’s clear that with Brexit uncertainty, stock markets and traditional assets are no longer a secure or lucrative option for investors.

It’s clear that The Bank of England predicts that in the case of a no-deal Brexit, the U.K.is on course for another recession, one with far worse consequences than the 2008-2010 crisis.

It’s clear that That’s really bad news for U.K. investors.

It’s clear that During the last financial crisis, the all FTSE Shares lost about 25% and gold futures – traditionally a safe haven – fell nearly 5%.

Brexit Uncertainty

The Opportunity

It’s clear that However, for savvy investors investors, Brexit isn’t a threat – it’s an opportunity.

It’s clear that By diversifying their portfolio with assets that are uncorrelated to financial markets, investors in alternatives such as fine wine stand to secure low-risk and tax-free capital gains – despite market uncertainty and the predicted, prolonged economic downturn.

It’s clear that Assets such as fine wines are not subject to the same market forces as traditional investments. Instead, it is their intrinsic value and rarity that keeps their value highly appreciated.

It’s clear that In fact, despite global recessions, political turmoil and stock market suffering, vintage fine wines have experienced no significant drops in the last 40 years.