Stock Spirits Group to Build £25 Million Whisky Distillery at Inveraray Castle

Stock Spirits Group to Build £25 Million Whisky Distillery at Inveraray Castle

Stock Spirits Group has unveiled ambitious plans to construct a £25 million (US$32 million) whisky distillery and visitor centre on the grounds of Inveraray Castle in Scotland. This iconic location has been the seat of the Duke of Argyll, the chief of Clan Campbell, since the 18th century, making it a fitting site for the new venture.

Inveraray Distillery: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

In partnership with Argyll Estates, Stock Spirits has filed a planning application with the Argyll and Bute Council for the creation of Inveraray Distillery. The project, if approved, will mark a significant milestone for the European spirits producer, which acquired the blended Scotch brand Clan Campbell from Pernod Ricard in September last year.

The planned distillery will specialise in producing a single malt whisky, which will also be used in the Clan Campbell blend. Covering an area of 950 square meters, the facility will boast a production capacity of up to two million litres of alcohol per year.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The construction of the distillery is expected to generate over 20 full-time jobs, providing a boost to the local economy. Stock Spirits is committed to working with local companies and suppliers, ensuring that the development benefits the community.

In alignment with modern environmental standards, the distillery will incorporate eco-friendly solutions aimed at achieving carbon neutrality. This forward-thinking approach highlights Stock Spirits' dedication to sustainability and innovation in whisky production.

Timeline and Expectations

Pending planning approval, construction of the Inveraray Distillery is set to begin in early 2025. The first spirit is anticipated to be produced in 2027, signalling the start of a new era for the Clan Campbell brand.

Jean-Christophe Coutures, Chief Executive of Stock Spirits Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “Clan Campbell Scotch whisky is an iconic brand that has established strong links with the Duke of Argyll. I am proud that our company has the opportunity to establish a distillery near Inveraray Castle. This investment is an important step for the group towards having its own single malt whisky production, which will strengthen the Clan Campbell brand and Stock Spirits’ presence in this growing category."

Clan Campbell's Global Presence

Clan Campbell is a leading Scotch whisky brand, particularly in France, where it sold 1.3 million nine-litre cases in 2023, despite an 8.6% decline, according to The Brand Champions 2024 report. The brand has recently expanded into Germany and the Czech Republic, with plans for further international growth.

Looking Ahead

The establishment of Inveraray Distillery represents a significant investment in Scotland's whisky heritage, blending the historical prestige of Inveraray Castle with cutting-edge production techniques. 

As Stock Spirits Group continues to expand its footprint in the whisky market, this new distillery is poised to become a cornerstone of its operations, enriching the legacy of Clan Campbell and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Scottish whisky.

Several other drinks giants plan to open facilities in the coming future. These include:

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