Collecting Wines
We carry an extensive range of superior grade wine so whether starting from scratch or adding to an existing fine wine collection we can offer some of the most desired labels from the leading vineyards in Europe.

The concept of wine collecting fine for financial gain is certainly nothing new. Traditionally, people would merely buy a couple of cases of a wine hoping to sell one to fund the drinking of the other.

Wine has always been a tradable commodity dating back for centuries when it was used as an alternative form of currency to exchange for other goods or assets, so it comes as no surprise that those with disposable income, still regard fine wine as a solid asset to hold. This philosophy is largely responsible for the rekindled interest in fine wine as a good place to safeguard funds against financial downturns and turbulent economic movements.

Greater exposure from new centres of wealth is fuelling demand for the most prestigious labels as people discover wine is not just a good tangible asset to hold, but an enjoyable social asset of pleasure and personal reward.

With the most exclusive vineyards producing 3,000 cases and the majority producing under between 15,000 cases annually, it is not difficult to see how demand can easily outstrip supply as the market continues to grow.

Should you have an interest in building a fine wine collection, please contact us on 0207 471 8030 or complete a brochure request.

Why Collect Wine?
Currently, the fine wine market is witnessing unprecedented demand, driven mainly from emerging markets becoming involved in drinking and collecting, especially those of the BRIC markets (BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA) Recently, the leading wines that have long proven track records in accruing value have performed very well comparatively against more traditional investments.

Finite stock, once consumed, it cannot be replaced.

Certain wines have extremely low production and a Chateau cannot produce more of a previous vintage, so when a wine is consumed over time, global stock depletes, yet demand remains constant or grows, the natural result is as the stock becomes more scarce the price will generally increase.

Full Ownership
Superior grade wine is a tangible asset similar to owning property; you have complete control and ownership. Wines from the leading chateaux also hold intrinsic value; the same as an up market property in a highly exclusive area.

What Are The Risks?
The fine wine industry is not a regulated market, and UKV International AG are wine merchants not financial consultants. As such, we do not give financial advice or any guarantees about the potential increase in a wine’s value.

Wine can go down, as well as up in value, and there are many things that can influence these price movements.

We would urge you to read around the subject fully before making a decision as to whether wine is fitting to your objectives and requirements, should you need any assistance our staff are available to answer any questions that you may have.

For specific financial advice, speak to a financial advisor.

The Process
One of our experienced consultants will use their knowledge of the market to ensure we secure the best wine available to suit your objectives and budget.

We pride ourselves on the highest possible quality of service and professionalism, for this reason we are proud to offer a free no obligation face to face consultation in the comfort of your own home or at one of our offices.

Should you want to make the most of this service please do not hesitate to contact us on Switzerland: (+41) 43 5084066 or alternatively use our contact form to book your appointment with one of our consultants.