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UKV International AG: Specialists in Rare Wine, Champagne & Whisky Collection

Collecting wine and whisky is not just a way to build a portfolio of tasty, tangible assets, it’s also a way to own a piece of history. With over a decade of industry experience and an unrivalled passion for curation, we are the perfect partners to guide you on your journey into the world of wine and whisky.

UKV International AG: Specialists in Rare Wine, Champagne & Whisky Collection

“Whereas whisky was once a niche investment, it is now holding its own as a serious contender in the alternative investment space. Its appeal lies in the fact it is a tangible soft commodity which has demonstrated both stability and strong long-term performance. Its global nature means that, as an asset class, whisky, particularly single malt scotch, can weather turbulence in mainstream markets.”


“Whisky is not only highly prized for its depth of flavour, it is a bona fide collector’s item – and a premium asset capable of providing the sort of return for your money that banks and building societies cannot offer… Buying into a cask of fine whisky can provide impressive annual returns, on average 12 per cent. Holding on to investments in excess of five years often increases profitability”

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The Times

Why Collect Wine and Whisky?

We’re currently witnessing unprecedented demand for rare wine and whisky. This growing popularity is mainly driven by emerging markets, where newfound wealth has opened up the world of luxury consumables to a wider audience. This has contributed to the overall stability and growth of the whisky market.

Not only does diversifying in wine and whisky allow you to hedge your risk, but it also has the added benefit of being entirely exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Wine & Whisky Collecting

Why Choose
UKV International AG?

Whether you are a new or experienced collector, we can help you select and acquire rare whisky, fine wine, and champagne from all over the world. Using our extensive independent network of industry contracts, we build and manage tailor-made portfolios, whilst personalising every step of the journey.


Access to every whisky and wine on the market


£76 million worth of assets under management


Secure storage and insurance provided by our partners


Over 10 years of experience in the wine and whisky industry

Learn More About Wine Collecting

Learn More About
Wine Collecting

Learn More About Whisky Collecting

Learn More About
Whisky Collecting

Our Process

Tell Us Your Requirements

Do you want to consume and/or collect? Are you interested in whisky and/or wine? Our initial conversations will be an opportunity for us to understand your requirements and goals. Equally, it will be an opportunity for you to understand how we operate, with our dedicated consultants on-hand to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Tell Us Your Requirements
Grow Your Portfolio

Grow Your Portfolio

Our dedicated specialists will help you curate a portfolio that is uniquely tailored to your requirements and goals. In other words, the selection process will be utterly dependent on your budget, your ideal holding period, and the purpose of your purchase. We will only choose from the highest-quality branded names and producers, as these are the products that dominate auction house sales and the secondary market.

Join the Community

What separates us from other companies is how we engage with our clients following our initial interactions. The experience we provide is personal – our team nurtures all client relationships and will never stop providing ongoing advice and assistance. We also put on regular social events, providing you with an opportunity to share your experiences with like-minded individuals and feel part of a community.

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