Wine & Whisky Brokerage Service

UKV International AG operates a wine and whisky valuation and brokerage service should you wish to sell your collection. Our brokers can offer a number of options to give you the optimum choice when selling, with a free no-obligation valuation before any final decision is made to place your wine and/or whisky on the market.*

Option 1

We can list your wine/whisky on our stock list at an agreed minimum price and market it through our broking service and website until sold for a set commission of 10% of the completed sale price. **

Wine & Whisky Brokerage Service
Wine & Whisky Brokerage Service

Option 2

We will obtain an independent valuation through our network of merchants and brokers to obtain an unbiased market value from a third party. We will relay the best of these offers for your consideration before offering your wine and/or whisky to any buyer. ***

Option 3

UKV International AG is always interested in buying good quality wine to add to our existing stock. Should you own wine and/or whisky in bond that you wish to sell, contact us for a free valuation.

You may wish to opt for a straight sale, where UKV International AG purchases your wine and/orwhisky direct from you at current trade value. In this instance, we will value your wine and/or whisky and make a fair offer based on what the same product could be purchased from a trade supplier at the time of valuation.

Wine & Whisky Brokerage Service

As Part of These Agreements…

*In all instances when the wine is being sold through our brokerage service, we will need this stock to be transferred into our bonded trade account to verify the condition. This will include: the actual case, labels on the bottles, and the wine level in the neck of each bottle before we can offer a wine for sale and place any stock on the open market.

**Our broking commission of 10% is reduced to 2.5% for existing clients regardless of if the wine being offered was purchased from UKV our commission is based on the full sale price of your collection.

***Should you choose to sell your wine and/or whisky through our broking network we will make a minimum charge of £500.00 for conducting the transaction.