Champagne Telmont to Release 193,000 Bottles In Different Shades of Green

Champagne Telmont to Release 193,000 Bottles In Different Shades of Green

Champagne Telmont has recently unveiled ambitious plans as part of its sustainability strategy. With a focus on environmental consciousness, the renowned Champagne house aims to produce 193,000 wine bottles in an array of shades of green, marking a significant step forward in its commitment to sustainability.

In the Name of Mother Nature

At the heart of Champagne Telmont's endeavour lies the 'In the Name of Mother Nature' project. This initiative, driven by a vision to combat climate change, seeks to transform Telmont into a climate-positive producer by 2030 and achieve net carbon positivity by 2050. 

With Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio among its investors, Telmont is not only embracing sustainability but also leading the charge towards a greener future in the wine industry.

193,000 Shades of Green

Central to Telmont's latest endeavour is the concept of "193,000 shades of green." By harnessing the glass produced during the transition between different shades, Telmont is set to release bottles ranging from green to cinnamon hues annually. This innovative approach not only reduces waste but also showcases Telmont's commitment to sustainable practices.

Ludovic du Plessis, president of Maison Telmont, aptly captures this sentiment, stating, "For us, sustainability is not a limit or a constraint, but a ground for creativity and innovation."

Energy Efficient Packaging

Partnering with Verallia, Champagne Telmont's glass packaging initiative is poised to yield significant energy and resource savings. By optimising production processes and reducing material usage, Telmont is making strides towards their goals while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

With a comprehensive framework established in 2021, Telmont has implemented various initiatives aimed at rethinking packaging and reducing its carbon footprint. From eliminating gift boxes to incorporating recycled glass in its bottles, Telmont is leading by example in the quest for a more sustainable wine industry.

Lightweight Innovation

Last year, Champagne Telmont made headlines with the introduction of the lightest Champagne bottle ever made, weighing a 800 grams. Through meticulous testing and innovation, Telmont (partnered with glassmaker Verallia) succeeded in crafting an eco-friendly bottle that reduced environmental impact of bottle production by 4%.

Pioneering Change

Champagne Telmont's commitment to sustainability is not just about changing the colour of its bottles; it's about catalysing transformation in the wine industry. 

By embracing innovation and environmental practices, the Champagne house is paving the way for a more sustainable and vibrant future—one shade at a time.

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