UKV International’s First Tasting Event of the Year

UKV International’s First Tasting Event of the Year

UKV International recently held its inaugural whisky and wine tasting soirée at Oche in London. Traditionally hosted in Mayfair before the pandemic, this exclusive event has relocated to Oche at The Strand. UKV clients relished an evening filled with libations, delectable cuisine, and a lively game of darts, all while mingling with fellow wine and whisky enthusiasts.

The Venue:

Oche, nestled in the heart of London near the Savoy Hotel, has elevated the concept of Gastro Gaming to new heights. They offer an extraordinary blend of superb food, inventive cocktails, and cutting-edge darts technology.

Troy Warfield, the proprietor of Oche and a whisky investor with UKV, is also a seasoned entrepreneur with Oche establishments worldwide. Despite its London branch opening as recently as July 2022, it has swiftly established a notable presence on the city's nightlife scene.

The Event:

Historically, UKV has employed these events to connect with investors and offer an enjoyable and educational experience for enthusiasts. Regrettably, the COVID pandemic halted these events temporarily, making the return event at Oche a resounding success.

Compared to pre-pandemic times, the return event saw a significantly larger turnout, with 60 investors joining the UKV experts at Oche. This diverse group of attendees indulged in a day of darts, drinks, and culinary delights, featuring two key activities: savouring fine wines and acclaimed whiskies, as well as engaging in a spirited darts competition. Oche's ample space easily accommodated the nine-player final in the darts competition, with investors both watching and participating.

Following an intense contest, Jerry Scola emerged victorious, claiming a coveted bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2007 by defeating Troy in the final round.

Wine Tasting:

UKV had the privilege of welcoming James Hallam, the head sommelier of London's exclusive wine emporium, Hedonism in Berkeley Square, W1. Hallam introduced two exceptional French wines from the Bordeaux region, both of which had earned top-notch ratings from leading experts in the wine industry.

The tasting began with the 2009 Pontet Canet, a Pauillac, which Hallam described as "one of the finest wines I've ever had the pleasure of tasting." The sentiment was echoed by those in attendance. Next on the list was the Pavie 2005, Saint-Emilion, a distinguished red blend comprising 70% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.

After a brief interlude to cleanse palates and conclude the darts competition, the whisky-tasting session commenced.

Whisky Tasting:

UKV clients sampled a selection of renowned whiskies thoughtfully curated by UKV experts. The lineup included:

  • The Glenmorangie
  • The Signet
  • The Glenlivet 25-year-old
  • The Bruichladdich 23-year-old Black Art Edition

A first-time attendee remarked that they had never contemplated investing in cask whisky before. They had previously invested in expensive bottled whisky and were surprised to learn about the potential returns from cask whisky, a topic we'll explore shortly.

As the clock struck 6 p.m., signifying the conclusion of the event at Oche, departing UKV invitees braced themselves for the return to chilly early March weather, armed with newfound knowledge about top-quality Scotch.

How Do Events Like This Benefit Whisky Investors?

Events like these offer whisky investors a platform to engage in enlightening conversations that can broaden their investment horizons.

Conversations about investing in cask whisky, when led by a UKV expert, might initially seem like a sales pitch, which can deter some individuals. However, hearing from an investor whose portfolio had grown from £70k to nearly £110k in just three years can be far more appealing and persuasive.

This scenario occurred at the event, where a whisky bottle investor was inspired to consider cask investment following a conversation with a like-minded investor.

UKV leverages these events to connect with investors and present new industry developments. One of the highlights was the information shared by UKV whisky expert Steve: he revealed that once the trade deal with India is finalised, investors' returns are likely to increase as tariffs on whisky imports may drop significantly or be eliminated entirely, potentially as soon as November 2023.

Steve also emphasised that there are only 131 distilleries in Scotland, and all the single malts in existence, with their finite and limited supply, were placed in casks at least 25 years ago. As he noted, "unlike most things," whisky can't be simply replenished.

If you're interested in learning more about UKV International's wine and whisky-tasting events, don't hesitate to contact them via the website.