Re-enter the Dragon: Ding Hong Returns with the Most Successful Wine Fund Ever!

Re-enter the Dragon: Ding Hong Returns with the Most Successful Wine Fund Ever!

For those who don’t know, Ding Hong was the most successful wine fund ever, and a 2nd phase has just been confirmed.  The best performing wine fund  has been dormant for 9 years,  but its now making an  exciting come back!

When the co-founder of the fund, Jing Zhinjun was asked why they were looking at another round,  Jing said, “We anticipate that market conditions would lead to greater results if the fund was to be offered for a second time”.

The same market conditions are in pace as they were 9 years ago.. it made over 125% across 5 years.

By simply ‘piggy-backing’ and investing into the same wines that will go into the fund means investors are likely to see significant gains across the next 5 years.

For many this reinforces the speculation, and plenty of new and current investors are happy to see this successful fund get a revival.

Those closest to the Ding Hong fund have found out that Jean-Pierre Moueix has already been instructed to provide a list of wines that will be put into the fund.  Fund managers will select both en primeur and mature wines with great potential for growth for 2020 and beyond.

The wine market in China has boomed over the past 10 years, with the country’s wealthy driving the price for fine & vintage grade wines, in particular. It also offers investors a much-sought protection from persistent inflation.

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