Bonhams Whisky Auction Set to Feature The Macallan 50-Year-Old 1928 £75,000

Bonhams Whisky Auction Set to Feature The Macallan 50-Year-Old 1928 £75,000

In the realm of luxury spirits, few names evoke as much reverence and admiration as The Macallan. Renowned for its rich history, impeccable craftsmanship, and unparalleled quality, every drop of Macallan whisky is a testament to the artistry of its creators. 

Now, as anticipation mounts for an upcoming auction at Bonhams between 20th-29th May. Whisky connoisseurs and collectors alike are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to acquire a truly exceptional treasure: The Macallan Anniversary Malt-50 year old-1928.

The Macallan Anniversary Malt-50 Year Old-1928

Crafted from three casks distilled between 1926 and 1928 at the esteemed Aberlour distillery, this extraordinary whisky is a testament to the history of Macallan

Bottled in 1983, it is one of only 500 bottles ever produced, each encapsulating a piece of history within its amber depths. Accompanied by its original wooden presentation case adorned with leather straps, the Macallan Anniversary Malt-50 year old-1928 is more than just a whisky—it is a relic of a bygone era, a reminder of craftsmanship and dedication that transcends generations.

Expert Insight

Speaking on the significance of this remarkable offering, Bonhams whisky specialist Georgia Porteous remarked, “The Macallan Anniversary Malt-50 year old-1928 stands out for its rarity, quality, and great age. Very few of this calibre have ever come on the market. Crafted only a decade after the First World War, this anniversary malt is truly a piece of history.”

The Legacy of Macallan

Indeed, the allure of Macallan whiskies extends far beyond their exquisite taste and aroma; each bottle is a tangible link to the past, a testament to the legacy of those who have poured their passion into its creation. The Macallan 1926, famously crafted under the stewardship of Janet “Nettie” Harbinson during the "golden age" of the distillery, fetched a record-breaking £2.1 million at auction last November, further cementing its status as one of the most coveted spirits in the world.

Other Whiskies on Auction

Yet, the upcoming Bonhams auction offers more than just a glimpse into Macallan's illustrious past; it presents an opportunity for enthusiasts to add to their collections with other exceptional offerings from the distillery. Among the highlights are:

  • The Macallan-1951: Distilled in December 1951 and matured exclusively in sherry wood, estimated to fetch between £15,000 and £20,000.
  • The Macallan Anniversary Malt-25 year old-1962: Specially bottled for British Aerospace PLC, with an estimated value of £3,000 to £4,000.
  • The Macallan Private Eye: Selected by Whisky Maker F.A. Newlands and bottled to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Private Eye, expected to fetch between £2,000 and £3,000.
  • The Macallan Anniversary Malt-25 year old: To be sold in the original box and estimated to achieve between £1,600 to £2,000.

Beyond The Macallan, there are three additional fine and rare whiskies on auction. A bottle each of Bowmore, The Dalmore and Mou-tai Chinese whisky. 

Buying Fine and Rare Whiskies

As the date of the auction approaches, anticipation continues to build among collectors and enthusiasts alike. In the world of whisky, few names command as much respect as The Macallan, and with each passing year, its reputation only continues to grow, solidifying its place as an icon of luxury and sophistication.

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