UKV International’s New Whisky Investment Opportunity

UKV International’s New Whisky Investment Opportunity

At UKV International AG, headquartered in Switzerland, we've forged a reputation as trailblazers in the realm of alternative asset management. With a dedicated team specializing in rare whisky and wine investments, we've managed assets totalling £90 million for over 2,000 investors, consistently outperforming traditional asset classes.

So, we are pleased to announce that we are preparing to create a whisky investment fund in 2024.

A New Frontier in Whisky Investments

We are thrilled to announce our latest endeavour: the launch of a whisky-focused special-purpose vehicle, poised to redefine investment opportunities in the global whisky market. With a target fundraising of £20 million, this initiative represents a strategic leap forward for UKV International.

Watch our video where our very own Alex Triggs and Zach Sekha explain the fund in greater detail on Proactive Investors.

Democratising Access to Whisky Investments

Our forthcoming fund, slated for launch this year, aims to democratise whisky investments, offering both existing and new investors unprecedented access to this burgeoning market. By lowering the investment threshold to just £20,000, we're empowering private investors to participate alongside larger institutional players.

Investors in our fund will gain equity in a portfolio underpinned by tangible, premium whisky assets. Previously inaccessible to many, these top-tier casks will now form the cornerstone of our investment strategy, providing diversification and potential for robust returns.

Join Us on this Journey

As excitement mounts and the whisky market continues its ascent, UKV International invites you to join us on this exciting journey of exploration and investment. 

Stay tuned for updates and contact our team of whisky experts to discuss this opportunity.