Wine & Whisky Valuations

UKV International AG offers free, no-obligation wine and whisky valuations. Our valuation reports are comprehensive and include information such as the current market value of your collection, historical trends, and any notable features or characteristics that may affect the value of your bottles.

If you have a fine wine or whisky collection and would like to obtain a current valuation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tasty Assets with Tangible Value

The valuation process begins with a consultation where we gather information about your collection. We will ask for details such as the age and brand of your bottle(s). We will also take into account the condition of the bottles and any packaging or documentation that you have.

Our wine and whisky valuations are based on current global market demand values, popularity, and availability both locally and internationally. UKV International AG’s clients can obtain a valuation at any time upon request.

The Option to Sell with UKV

In addition to our valuation service, we also offer a brokerage service, where we can help you sell your collection after having determined its true value.

We are always looking to obtain quality fine wine and whisky, so should you wish to sell any investment-grade wine held in bond, please get in contact to provide us with details about your collection.