UKV International’s whisky collectors guide for 2022. It will teach you all you need to know about the world of rare whisky, from expanding your knowledge to making your first purchase.

Why Collect Rare Whisky ?

Over the last decade collecting whisky has become increasingly popular. But why is there such a deluge of shrewd collectors taking advantage of the whisky market?

Whisky is outperforming assets across the board. Published data from Knight Frank highlights the very best performing whiskies have returned over 550% across the last decade.

Whisky Tax Benefits:

When collecting casked whisky, the “angels” will begin to take their share. 0.2-0.5% of alcohol is lost to evaporation each year, therefore casked whisky is deemed by HMRC as a ‘wasting asset’ meaning all profits are exempt from capital gains tax and one of the greatest benefits when you collect casked whisky.

The absence of capital gains tax with Cask Whisky makes it more financially viable compared to the returns achieved from bottled whisky.

Fact – the top 100 Superior grade whisky brands
are up over 500% across the last decade.

Whisky Investment Brochure

Historical Performance

Although there are no guarantees, you should expect to profit by selling maturing whisky into normal blending demand.

Fact – the top 100 Superior grade whisky brands are up over 500% across the last decade.

Economies of scale mean your whisky will be stored, still in the barrel, at exceptionally low cost, in the original distiller’s bonded warehouse.

What Customers are saying about UKV International

  • Having dipped our toes very cautiously into the wine market with a Montrose 2003, we’ve been very impressed and pleasantly surprised by the return of 22% over 18 months.
    Kevin Heart
    North Yorkshire
  • I’ve been with UKV International AG for several years now. Having being introduced by the very knowledgeable John Reynolds. I really enjoyed the wine tasting experience at Goodman's restaurant in Mayfair, London - where there was the opportunity to enjoy fine food and taste a selection of fine wines. Plus mixing with UKV International consultants and fellow investors. Recently, we sold our half case of Mouton Rothschild 2010. We received a decent return on our investment. More than we were expecting. Michael and Rachel of UKV International have been especially helpful.
    Campbell Crockatt
  • Many thanks to Alex who gave me a great return with no work required by myself, which is just perfect. He is very knowledgeable and professional and I'm looking forward to have many more such transactions in the future.
    Dave Ward
  • Good service from John Reynolds, helped explain the wine market, and how it all worked. Now more recently with Alex Presley, great service and i have extended my portfolio into the Whisky market. Very satisfied with everything, and looking forward to reaping the benefits over the coming years.
    Tim David
  • Excellent advice from John Reynolds initially and latterly Alex Presley. Just made my first sale at a very reasonable profit with the help of Mike. A little bumpy due to covid (and Christmas break), but Mike did a really great job in smoothing the bumps out as best as could be expected under the circumstances. Exceptionally rapid responses to all my queries, can't fault customer service.
  • As a new investor, I’m extremely pleased with the tailored service provided by UKV. I can only base my 5 stars on the current quality of service in regards to the initial acquisition of the fine wine that comprises my new portfolio. I look forward to watching the long term value of my portfolio grow, especially with the immunity of capital gains tax.
  • I wanted to take some champagne to market I spoke to Mike who proceeded to move the champagne on. Even in these fraught difficult COVID 19 times he got me a great return on my investment. I would like to thank him very much for the fantastic job he has done. He is a friendly guy and it is a pleasure dealing with him.
    Alan Parnell
  • I have always been an investor and when I came back to the UK after many years abroad, I looked for ways to invest here. Most were hopeless but I was then introduced to UKV. I have been very happy with the return on the money I have invested and what a lovely way to do so!
    Martin Thompson
  • Many thanks Olly. pleasantly surprised with how efficient the sale was even during covid. Looking forward to more of the same. P.V
  • Very helpful team at UKV, especially Mike Solle, and very good investments with good returns.
    Graham Belson
  • I would like to thank UKV especially Mike Solle for being very professional in the management, advice and sale of my Vintage Bordeaux purchased in 2014. It was exactly the prediction Mike told me. I was happy with the service at all times. I will be definitely purchasing more wine with UKV in the not too distant future.
    Biagio Falcone


Should you wish to enquire about collecting top grade Whisky, please give us a call on (+41) 43 5084066 to find out more.

Examples of Price Increases for Whisky

• Balvenie Tun 1401 bottle: launched in 2010 at a price of £150. Today it is worth £4400, Increase of 2,833%.

• Macallan Royal Marriage: released in 2011 at a price of £150. Today it is worth £3000, Increase of 1,900%.

• Lagavulin 30-year-old: launched in 2006 at a price of £210. Today it is worth £2650, Increase of 1,162%.

• Bowmore Devil Casks: launched in 2013 at a price of £50. Today it is worth £270, Increase of 440%.

• Brora Single Cast 1972: launched in 2014 at a price of £6995, today valued at £19,000, Increase of 170%.

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