Transparency in Whisky Investments: UKV’s New Whisky Storage Facility Starts Accepting Casks

Transparency in Whisky Investments: UKV’s New Whisky Storage Facility Starts Accepting Casks

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Elite Wine & Whisky Ltd, UKV International is proud to introduce a revolutionary approach to whisky collection and investments.

Our newly established whisky storage facility at Royal Elizabeth Yard in Edinburgh is set to redefine transparency in the industry.

Our Whisky Storage Facility at Royal Elizabeth Yard

The bonded whisky warehouse at Royal Elizabeth Yard in Edinburgh is designed to draw the maximum benefit from our client's investments. It has several key features that make it stand out from other whisky facilities:

  • Centralised storage
  • Advanced inventory management system
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Ready for visiting investors

A New Era of Engagement

Gone are the days of distant investments. At our bonded whisky warehouse, investors are invited to immerse themselves in their portfolios like never before. With the acceptance of our first delivery of whisky casks, clients now have the opportunity to visit their assets in person and engage directly with their investments. Clients will be able to look, touch and feel their cask as it matures.

Watch our video and explore our website to learn more about how our partnership with Elite Wine & Whisky Ltd can elevate your whisky investment journey.

Introducing Our New Storage Facility

Transparency at the Core

Transparency isn't just a buzzword – it's our core value. Recognising the need for greater visibility in whisky investments, we've designed our facility with openness in mind. Every step of the investment journey is now accessible, ensuring our clients are empowered with knowledge and confidence.

Capacity and Care

While our facility may not boast the largest footprint, it's designed for our clients. With a capacity for up to 7,000 casks, we've created a space where quality trumps quantity.

In most facilities, casks are checked once a year. Our smaller scale allows us to maintain a vigilant eye over each investment, with daily checks by our duty representatives ensuring optimal conditions for ageing.

As we accept our first 100 casks of our total current portfolio of 5,000, there is space to grow.

Investing in Whisky With UKV International

Your whisky investment journey with UKV International is about enhancing your experience at every turn. We always strive to introduce innovative ways for our clients to invest in whisky and minimise the risk.

Our recently launched £20 million whisky investment fund is part of that innovation. Allowing opportunities to become available to investors with low investment capital.

As with our partnership with Elite Wine & Whisky, we will continue to develop exciting ways to invest and for clients to be engaged with their investments.

Call our team today to speak about your whisky collection journey or to arrange a visit!