World’s Oldest Scotch Whisky Up For Auction

World’s Oldest Scotch Whisky Up For Auction

The ties between Scotland and whisky are long established. In a delightful turn of events, an authentic piece of history has been discovered in the cellars of the historic Blair castle. It has been dubbed the oldest whisky ever found, and it will be hard to find an investor who does not want to sample this unique opportunity. This guide explores more about the discovery below.

The Stakes

Before we get too far into the details of the bottle, it is important to discuss what’s at stake here. Key information like there are only 24 bottles in existence is extremely important because it makes this whisky both valuable and highly sought after. It has been determined that the brew was crafted as far back as 1823, which makes it two hundred years old to this day. A two-hundred-year-old bottle of whisky sounds like a fictional creation, but thanks to this discovery, it is firmly an asset in reality.

Cost Expectations

When the whisky goes on sale, investors, collectors, and whisky drinkers who want to get their hands on a bottle will have to pay around £10,000 to own it. This price seems fair given the unique status of the drink, and savvy whisky investing companies like ourselves are expecting the samples to go quickly.

Hang on: Why So Cheap?

Okay, so it’s not cheap in the grand scheme of things but for such an old, rare bottle of whisky, you were undoubtedly expecting a higher price tag. Well, the truth is, despite its location, this drink cannot be definitely associated with any distillery, especially not the major players like Macallan. Without knowing its true origin story, there is no way to amp up the price and the expectation is that this is kind of a gamble, but a great one to say the least.

Other Factors

Establishing something as precise as the date on such an ancient whisky is difficult, but that is where the experts can lend a hand. In this case, it was the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre that uncovered the age and story of this drink. They determined, thanks to carbon dating equipment, that despite the whisky’s impressive history and age, it was only distilled for around eight years. That means it is not in fact, as old as you might first assume. It wasn’t sat maturing for this long, because it had already been bottled after less than a decade in its cask. So, it loses value in this sense too.

How Was it Preserved?

In Scotland, there are many techniques that are used to preserve whisky beverages during the distilling and bottling process. Scottish Whisky is renowned for its exceptional attention to detail and astounding quality of taste and texture, so it makes sense that the preservation protocols behind this ancient offering were expert as well. In line with the country’s history of fine whisky, everything falls into place as it should. It is down to the great conditions of the Blair Castle cellars that this brew has saved both face and flavour. It was kept cool and dry because of its environment.

The Taste

There is not much information to date about the actual taste of this whisky. What is taking the lead as the most compelling factor is its story. This alone is enough to entice the most serious of collectors, and whisky investment company UKV International is here to provide support in securing a bottle if you so desire.

There is a lot to love in this fascinating tale, and it is truly a piece of Scottish history that will garner positive attention in the days to come.