Whisky Storage & Insurance Information

Our UK Duty Rep, Elite Wine & Whisky Storage Ltd, is an official HMRC registered warehouse keeper, providing numerous benefits for our clients. This allows us to offer an enhanced level of service and security for your whisky casks that other companies simply cannot match.

1. **Full Ownership and Control Under One Roof:** Your assets are stored under your name, legally recognised as yours, adding a layer of security and pride in ownership.

2. **No Setup Fee:** Unlike most storage facilities, we believe in providing value without the burden of initial costs, eliminating setup fees typically around £495 plus VAT.

3. **Annual Storage Cost:**
Barrels/Quarter Casks – £20.60+VAT a year
Hogshead/Butt/Puncheon/Barrique – £34.95+VAT a year
Insurance is £4.50+VAT per £1000.00 of value.

4. **Dedicated Bonded Storage:** Your casks are stored in optimal conditions at The Queen Elizabeth Bond in Edinburgh.

5. **Delivery Order Assurance:** Each cask comes with a delivery order, a testament to your legal ownership, a crucial aspect of your whisky cask portfolio.

6. **Accessible Location and Personal Interaction:** Our warehouse, near Edinburgh, offers an open-door policy, providing

Elite Wine and Whisky Storage Ltd, our duty representatives, hold a strictly governed WOWGR license issued by HMRC. WOWGR Number – GBOG275843500

Choosing UKV international as your preferred whisky broker means opting for a cost-effective, secure, and personalised whisky cask collecting experience.


Introducing Our New Storage Facility

Our primary aim at UKV International is to give our clients full transparency on their whisky investments. So, in partnership with Elite Wine & Whisky Ltd, we have done just that with our new whisky storage facility. Clients will be able to visit our storage facility at Royal Elizabeth Yard in Edinburgh to see their whisky casks for themselves.